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Jason Plummer is on a roll. After an outstanding year in 2011, it seems the sky is the limit. Jason heads into 2013 with a new record deal, his new publishing company, and a wave of momentum that will no doubt ensure an exciting year to come.

“I’m still amazed that I’m lucky enough to get to be out there bringing my music to the fans, seeing new places, making tons of new friends, and doing what I love. From stretching barb wire to bending guitar strings, it’s been such an amazing journey and there’s still a long way to go. I have been so blessed.”

Jason Plummer first hit the music scene in early 2009 with his debut album Green Broke, which resulted in three radio singles Gone, Jesus, Hank Jr., And John Wayne, and his signature song, Fallen Angel .

“It all happened so fast that it just threw us for a loop. Before we released Fallen Angel I was a solo artist who played cafés and coffee shops. When Fallen Angel started getting a little radio play, we started playing fairs and clubs with a five or six piece band while I was still working full time at the ranch. Definitely a life changing experience.”

The success of the album Green Broke was largely due to the first single Fallen Angel, but it was the Chris LeDoux cover, Hooked On An Eight Second Ride, that would take Jason’s career to the next level.

Hooked On An Eight Second Ride transitioned us from playing clubs with fifty to a couple hundred seats, to arenas with five or six thousand. It helped us improve our live show and we sold close to three thousand albums in just a few months. Those promoters took a chance on me because of that song and that’s what kick-started my career.”

In 2010 Jason went back in the studio to record his sophomore album The Cowboy Way, which was released in the early part of 2011.

“I wanted The Cowboy Way to capture that raw sound like we have live, so I took the band in the studio and tracked the whole record live. It’s not perfect but in the words of Sam Phillips, its “imperfectly perfect”.”

The Cowboy Way album inspired three more radio singles, Living Hard, I Know Just How You Feel, and the title track, The Cowboy Way, which is his biggest selling single to date.

“I tried to bring all the adrenaline from the rodeos we were playing and put that in a song. It may be a little over the top for some country stations but we sure love doing it live.”

It seems Jason Plummer is a very busy man these days. He’s constantly touring, writing and recording new music, and he has started developing and producing up-and-coming artists for his label, 80 Proof Music. As if that isn’t enough, Jason is still very active on the ranch and is an avid hunter and fisherman. In fact, when deer hunting is at its peak Jason is very hard to find. But one thing that’s easy to see is the rich country heritage that has inspired Jason’s own unique brand of authentic country music. 

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